RF Power Mapper


What can it do

  • Accurately maps RFID field pattern at up to 15 metres (45 feet).
  • Shows nulls and dead spots in RF signal.
  • Detect which antenna is transmitting.
  • Shows approximate Radiated Power (EiRP or ERP).
  • Tests polarization of antennas (linear, circular and cross polarized).
  • Ideal for beam angle measurements and antenna direction setup.
  • Pulses to show notify time and other transmit interruptions.
  • Detect cable faults and bad connections easily.
  • Oscilloscope output to show modulation or for data logging the signal strength.
  • Excellent research and teaching tool.
  • It can be mounted permanently in the RF field to monitor or data log the RF power.


With the RF Power Mapper you’re no longer working in the dark..

The RF Power Mapper enables you to map the boundaries of a passive UHF antennas field and detect null spots that cause reads to be missed.

Passive UHF antennas can have large variations in signal strength, even quite close to the antenna. This meter allows you to easily detect those variations. It shows the effects of polarization, destructive null cancellations, as well as ground and water absorption. The meter relies on the power in the radio waves, so it cannot give a fails reading … or have a dead battery.
Almost 100% of the signal on at the antenna is shown on the meter, giving a massive 15+ metres (45+ feet) range



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