smart-CapTag dual frequency UHF & NFC in action

smart-CapTag® labels have all the supply chain benefits of the standard UHF RFID CapTag® labels of an inspection tool within the supply chain to automate the process of checking the number,  identity & authenticity of items being dispatched & received and provide long range accurate stock counting even when those items are inside cases, on conveyors or shelves.

BUT smart-CapTag® labels are more than that – they bring the power of digital marketing to the physical world by adding Near Field Communications ( NFC) functionality to interactively link the consumer’s smartphone for:

– Generating direct interaction & consumer engagement through the bottle
– Encouraging consumers to connect directly with the brand to get more information about the bottle and its contents
– winning prizes
– getting coupons and vouchers

smart-CapTag® labels can even extend a brand’s message to people who are difficult to reach with the written word alone by
engaging visually & literacy impaired consumers.

Finally all the associated data & location analytics generated by each interaction enables a brand to build a focused relationship with the consumer