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any of the CapTag® RFID family of labels & NeckTag is an essential part of any solution addressing a previously unmet market need for:
- low cost, long range, item level, tracking, counting and authentication of any container or package of liquid.

- with a focus on bottles containing liquor, wine, champagne, beer, soft drinks ... even cosmetics, motor oil & blood.
and now including packaged cheese and meat - which can be frozen.
bringing everything into the Internet of Things

Every CapTag® label or NeckTag:
from standard UHF RFID; to 'smart' dual frequency UHF & NFC
- which uniquely combines supply chain & consumer engagement,
provides a unique identity for the item;

and is intrinsically secure;
but can have additional layers of security added,
with 'secure' CapTag® overt and covert variants
bringing anti-tamper and anti-counterfeiting functionalities

- benefiting manufacturer, brand, the supply chain & every consumer’s confidence in a product.

Supply Chain

Standard CapTag® UHF RFID labels
uniquely developed, and patented, for instantly identifying, counting & tracking bottles in bulk on a single item level basis within:

- winery, bottler, manufacturer or brand supply chains;
- distributors, wholesalers, retailers, hotels, restaurants & bars

Consumer Engagement

Dual Frequency 'smart CapTag®' labels
- add consumer engagement to standard CapTags® with NFC smartphone interaction
- building brand loyalty through direct personal interaction with the consumer

Smart Shelves

A CapTag® smart shelf environment of specifically developed internal antennas and readers compatible with standard and smart CapTag labels will deliver real time perpetual inventory and precise location of any specific bottle.
Enabling benefits including preventing stock outs, identifying misplaced items, helping customers finding the products they want, controlling who checks out valuable items, ensuring availability

Energy Harvesting

'energy CapTag®' - harvest RF energy from any RF reader to activate label-mounted devices such as LEDs or e-ink displays.
CapTag's® unique identity capability even allows an individual bottle to be identified within a group on a full shelf and driven - a promotional dream

Complete Solution

Delivering a full cycle information solution through coupling standard, smart & energy CapTag labels to the CapTag SaaS platform.
Providing total item level oversight, with integration with ERP, CRM & ecommerce.
Delivers data for each item as it flows from production through the supply chain to point of sale and then adding consumer engagement for the complete picture.

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