market focus

Every CapTag® RFID label addresses the unmet market need for
low cost long range item level tracking, counting and authenticating bottles of
liquor, wine, spirits, champagne, beer, soft drinks ..... and even cosmetics & blood.
Every variation of a CapTag® label, whether standard UHF or combination 'smart' UHF & NFC versions, provides a unique identity for the item and is intrinsically secure
but can have additional layers of security added, with 'secure' CapTag® overt and covert variants bringing anti-tamper and anti-counterfeiting functionalities
- benefiting manufacturer, brand, the supply chain & every consumer’s confidence in a product

CapTag – making bottles smart

Supply Chain

Standard CapTag® UHF RFID labels
uniquely developed, and patented, for instantly identifying, counting & tracking bottles in bulk on a single item level basis within:
– winery, bottler, manufacturer or brand supply chains;
– distributors, wholesalers, retailers, hotels, restaurants & bars

Consumer Engagement

Dual Frequency ‘smart CapTag®’ labels
– add consumer engagement to standard CapTags® with NFC smartphone interaction
– building brand loyalty through direct personal interaction with the consumer

Energy harvesting

‘energy CapTag®’ – harvest RF energy from any RF reader to activate label-mounted devices such as LEDs or e-ink displays.
CapTag’s® unique identity capability even allows an individual bottle to be identified within a group on a full shelf and driven – a promotional dream

What's Unique

the game-changer for uniquely identifying, counting & tracking individual bottles at long range

CapTag® technology is a revolutionary patented passive RFID–based 'electronic barcode' solution - which uniquely exploits the liquid that stops ordinary RFID labels working.

CapTag® labels have been specifically developed for identifying, counting & tracking individual glass or plastic bottles at 10 metres & in bulk.
The bottles can even be inside sealed cartons & cases or on shelves or conveyors and there is no issue with orientation as no line of sight required - unlike normal barcodes.

CapTag® labels are small, low cost, paper thin & totally compatible with standard EPC Gen 2 RFID fixed & handheld readers globally.
They are designed to be applied to bottles with all types of metal & plastic caps & closures, and can be fitted overtly on top of, or covertly under, the capsule or closure.