The CapTag® RFID product family of labels and tags addresses a previously unmet market need for low cost, long range, item level, tracking, counting and authentication of any container or package of liquid.

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standard-CapTag RAIN UHF RFID labelsstandard-CapTaginventory control for both upright and bottles on their side

standard-CapTag labels are the ‘go-to’ general labels for use on all bottles
but are particularly designed for use on wine bottles where they are being stored on their side in racks or even wooden boxes

smart-CapTag RAIN UHF RFID + NFC labels

smart-CapTaginventory control
+ consumer engagement & product authentication

smart-CapTag® labels have all the supply chain & inventory control benefits of the basic & standard UHF RFID CapTag® labels
but add an extra dimension by bringing the power of digital marketing through NFC (Near Field Communications) interactively linking the consumer’s smartphone to the web, generating direct interaction & consumer engagement, as well as enabling direct product authentication by the consumer

basic-CapTag RAIN UHF RFID labels

basic-CapTag labels

inventory control for an upright bottle

basic-CapTag labels are designed for use on all bottles: soft drinks, beers, spirits and wine which are normally stored, counted & tracked in an upright position.

NeckTag reusable RAIN UHF RFID tags

inventory control for both upright and bottles on their side

CapTag NeckTags are reusable ‘tags’ that are designed to deliver a major change in the way bottled products can be managed in the Hospitality industry.

Controlling stocks of wines and beverages has always been an essential part of maintaining profit margins in the hospitality trade – but, done thoroughly, this is a time consuming and costly business as every bottle should be individually examined – which is especially not recommended for ‘fine wines’

BUT now, where NeckTags are used, in busy hotels, and bars Sommeliers & Managers can very easily do complete inventory checks in minutes without any disturbance to stocks.

the complete system for tracking every bottle individually in its journey through the premises
using CapTag labels, NeckTags and custom software platform

How CapTag BottleTrack works

The major benefit of BottleTrack being that the Sommelier, Manager or Owner can have an instant and immediate snapshot of the status of any or every bottle within the business.
So that key information is available to manage the business effectively and efficiently from a stock perspective and, when combined with the POS data from a sales perspective as well.

WHITE PAPER – BottleTrack & CapTag Products for Hospitality – Spring 2023