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  • RFID Power meters

    RF Power Mapper

    What can it do

    • Accurately maps RFID field pattern at up to 15 metres (45 feet).
    • Shows nulls and dead spots in RF signal.
    • Detect which antenna is transmitting.
    • Shows approximate Radiated Power (EiRP or ERP).
    • Tests polarization of antennas (linear, circular and cross polarized).
    • Ideal for beam angle measurements and antenna direction setup.
    • Pulses to show notify time and …
  • RFID Power meters

    RF Power Ranger

    What can it do:
    • Detects which antenna is transmitting.
    • Range at 2W ERP (3.28W EIRP) is 4 metres in free space.
    • Shows approximate RADIATED POWER. ERP EIRP
    • Tests polarisation of antennas. Linear, circular and cross polarised
    • Test approximate beam angle of antennas.
    • Pulses to show notify time and other transmit interruptions.
    • Find antenna sweet spot for Programming and beam angle.
    • …