Business value for the ‘Off-Trade’

Enabling the Retail Sector to Digitally Transform its liquor supply chain from supply to point of sale enhancing efficiency & productivity by streamlining the way liquid stocks are managed

  • Maintain service levels but with reduced inventory levels
  • Increase on-shelf availability and limit stock outs
  • Increase backroom to front-of-store inventory accuracy and replenishment
  • Reduce time and labour costs with automated ‘live’ inventory
  • Reduce shrinkage

wine rack30 billion+ RFID tags used per year globally for item level identification by retailers for clothing & apparel on a business case of 5% increase in retail sales AND reducing inventory by 10%

BUT not – until CapTag was developed – on any product where liquid is involved.

The unique functionality of CapTag® family of RFID  labels enables real-time instant inventory visibility which is needed to satisfy consumer demand and automate replenishment for consistency in stores and across digital platforms.

RFID is now a critical tool for both omnichannel and customer engagement initiatives that are central to a retailer’s future success as it enables businesses to keep track of every single item, from the moment it leaves the producer to the exact moment the item is shipped, sold or returned..

All the CapTag® label family delivers benefits in:

Inventory Management

Despatch & Receipt
  • An instant inspection tool within the supply chain to automate the process of checking the number, & identity, authenticity of items being dispatched & received without the need to handle any individual item.
Stock Counting, anywhere & instantly
  • Accurate ‘live’ stock counting when items are inside cases, on conveyors or shelves, or back of store, with alerts for stock movement when items are removed for extra security
  • Minimising stock levels with more efficient re-ordering – and no stockouts
Hunt & Find
  • The ability to hunt & find individual items accurately and quickly

Efficient Checkout processes

  • bottles scanned simultaneously without the need for line of sight

Loss prevention

Consumer Engagement

-with smart-CapTag providing item level inventory control for efficient omnichannel delivery, with authentication and consumer engagement through their smartphone

CapTag Family Leaflet