May 20, 2016

for Retail & the ‘Off-Trade’

Business value for Retail &

the ‘Off-Trade’

  • Maintain service levels but with reduced inventory levels
  • Increase on-shelf availability and reduce stock outs
  • Increase backroom to front-of-store inventory accuracy and replenishment
  • Reduce time and labour costs with automated inventory
  • Reduce shrinkage

wine rack8.5 billion+ RFID tags used per year globally for item level identification by retailers for clothing & apparel on a business case of 5% increase in retail sales AND reducing inventory by 10%

BUT not – until CapTag was developed – on any product where liquid is involved.

The unique functionality of CapTag® family of RFID  labels enables real-time instant inventory visibility which is needed to satisfy consumer demand and automate replenishment for consistency in stores and across digital platforms.

kurt-salmon-rfid-in-retail-survey-2016The use of item-level RFID raises inventory accuracy.

In May 2016, Kurt Salmon surveyed 60 soft lines retailers and wholesalers with revenues of at least $500 million, following a survey of a similar group of retailers in 2014.

One standout among ROI measures: inventory accuracy. Inventory accuracy is the most widely used metric—93% of retailers surveyed measure it related to RFID—with the largest improvements due to RFID—an average of 25.4%. Even more interesting: Retailers reported that lack of inventory accuracy accounts for a loss of 8.7% of total sales, on average.

RFID continues to be a critical tool for both omnichannel and customer engagement initiatives that are central to a retailer’s future success.

The CapTag® label family delivers benefits in:

Despatch & Receipt

–An instant inspection tool within the supply chain to automate the process of checking the number, & identity, authenticity of items being dispatched & received without the need to handle any individual item.

Stock Counting

–Accurate stock counting when items are inside cases, on conveyors or shelves, or back of store.

Stock Movement & Loss

– Alerts for stock movement when items are removed, for extra security, or where items leave a retail store without having been paid for

Hunt & Find

–The ability to hunt & find individual items accurately and quickly

Consumer Engagement

-with smart-CapTag providing both item level inventory control for efficient omnichannel delivery and consumer engagement through their smartphone

CapTag Family Leaflet