An application driven by the use of patented CapTag®  family of low cost paper-thin RFID UHF labels uniquely enables both :

  • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) functionality
  • RFID item level stock control
    • coupled with ‘real-time’ stock tracking

on bottles or other containers of liquid within any premises.

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) is a loss prevention system that deters shoplifting. A CapTag® Label based system uses readers usually placed in the ceiling of the  store creating an invisible field through the premises. The readers pick up active labels as they move within the store and are deactivated at the checkout.

If an item with an active tag passes through the entrance, or goes into areas where the ‘un-purchased’ product should not be, an alarm sounds – and a security guard or colleague can confront the suspected shoplifter.

General advantages:

  • open entrance area in the shop (no antennas on the floor)
  • continuous detection field across whole premises
  • return on investment
    • combination of EAS and RFID in one system
  • inexpensive
  • improves customer service
  • easy to operate

Advantages of RFID application:

  • reduction of out of stock situations
  • permanent inventory by using handheld readers in the shop
  • EAS alarm statistics ability
    • specific item identity
  • free from interference by systems of other shops

Advantages of EAS application:

  • deters theft
  • improves staff safety
  • supports open display of goods

Examples of systems provided by CapTag Solutions partners:

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