CapTag near field UHF reader antenna UHF-NFA-1



UHF-NFA-1 Near Field/Short Range UHF RFID Antenna


The CapTag UHF-NFA-1 is a small wideband near field UHF RFID antenna with a practical read distance of between 0 and 10cm.

Close proximity RFID is conventionally performed using HF and not UHF technology. However, the advantage of the CapTag UHF-NFA-1 is that with this short range antenna, the same underlying UHF RFID infrastructure can be used for item level long range reading of multiple labels at once, as well for precise location, POS and security when you only want to read one label at a time.

CapTag UHF-NFA-1 was specifically developed for use within CapTag Solutions  Smart Cabinets where precise location, without cell cross talk, is required

CapTag UHF-NFA-1 Technical Specifications
Dimensions 45 mm x 45 mm x 10 mm
Frequency Range 860- 960 MHz
Connector Type SMA female standard
Antenna Gain -20 dBi
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